“First-in-the-nation” Documentary

The Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Citizen Engagement and Full Spectrum Productions are teaming up to produce a full-length documentary, First in the Nation: The Evolution of the Iowa Caucuses. To be filmed during the state’s 2016 caucus season, this landmark, nonpartisan production will explore the past, present, and future of the Iowa caucuses and reveal to a national audience how the caucuses have shaped American political discourse. Most importantly, it will celebrate the unique political culture of Iowa and the Iowans who actively participate in the process by meeting and questioning candidates, joining campaigns, organizing events, and attending the caucuses.

  • Award-winning Iowa filmmaker Kent Newman will direct the documentary.
  • Drake University students will be involved in the creation of the documentary and the activities surrounding it, providing exceptional learning opportunities.

Be part of history

Did you participate in the early days of the caucuses or host a presidential candidate in your home? Share your unique an interesting stories with us. Contact Rachel Paine Caufield at or 515-271-1924.

This historic project is being funded with private donations and grants. You can support this project with your tax-deductible donation.